Food Day – Theme Nights

Food Day takes place annually on October 24th. Celebrate this day with me by committing to provide a healthy family dinner at least 3-5 times per week. The hardest part about dinner is trying to figure out what to cook…that is why I came up with Theme Nights. Incorporating Themes gives you a variety of food choices automatically so you are getting this amazing variety of food in your diet. Here is a list of my themes:

MONDAY – Comfort Food {nostalgic foods that are flavorful, convenient to make and bring comfort}

Although I consider Sunday the first day of the week, Monday is the day we get back into our weekly routines. When I was raising children, I decided this night would be the best time to have comfort meals. These are typically good old fashioned, richer meals so go easy on your portion size. This is also the one night of the week to have a special, planned dessert, so resist the temptation for seconds!

TUESDAY – Italian Night

My family loves Italian food. That is why I created this night. I have spent many days in Italy eating foods from restaurants in various regions. After each visit, I came home and tried to cook up a version of the dishes I still craved from the trip. Italian cooking involves simple ingredients put together to make delicious meals.

WEDNESDAY – Fish/Meatless Night

In addition to being “brain food,” fish is an excellent source of vitamins helping to maintain healthy nerve tissue, strong bones and teeth, and good complexion. This is also a great day to have Breakfast for Dinner!

THURSDAY – Mexican Night

In my family, we LOVE Mexican food! I’ve learned so much about Mexican dishes and techniques from a lovely Mexican family we frequently spent time with over the years. The meals are inexpensive and easy to make, and are delicious!

FRIDAY – Pizza Night

It was over 25 years ago that my family started making pizza our Friday night tradition. Our children were young then and looked forward to the weekends. Making and eating pizzas while watching “Dallas” together on TV was just a blast! I have fond memories of those times.

SATURDAY – Grill Night

As a family, we always looked forward to barbecued hamburgers. We also grilled fish, chicken, turkey and the best steaks! This was also the day the kids could take over in the kitchen and prepare a recipe they liked.

SUNDAY – Traditions

I love Sunday dinner. When my children were growing up, we made Sunday dinner special. We had the tablecloth on and the table set even before we went to Church and ate dinner as soon as we got home, which was just after noon. We then spent the rest of the day spending time together. No matter your circumstance, make this day special.


One thought on “Food Day – Theme Nights

  1. I’m in! My weeks start on Wednesday (when the grocery ad starts), and we’ll be joining you with most of your themes. I predict the most enthusiasm for Pizza Night from my little ones :-)

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